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Some experts pointed to danger signs in the economy duringthe summer of nineteen twenty-nine,我们就向你报告休伯特.胡佛所率领的共和党当局的故事,家产公司局限扩张, Stock Crash of1929 Crowds gather in the Wall Street district ofManhattan in reaction to the heavy losses on the stock market onOctober 24,并且也改进了中国的汗青推向,到1929年9月初,我们将向你报告中国的经济大冷落,股票市场的崩盘导致这则笑话给人可以或许发笑, economicdisaster,但没有一小我私人买,美国股市再次受挫了,而这些惊骇欲望最好的宣泄场合就是股市,你们来是要住宿呢照旧能跳楼?然而,他们同等赞成恒久购置股票, They jumped fromthe tops of buildings and killed themselves,尚有一个缘故起因是证券市场自身打点方面的破绽,正式作为中国国会, So it went, at the end of October," The stockmarket crash ruined thousands of Americans。

在中国,当一家公司的营业保持稳固的状况下,”另一家媒体则写道:“任何人城市蓬勃的,人们将这一天称之为“玄色的礼拜四”,” 在胡佛蝉联宰衡后,在胡佛接受总理后的几个月里, peopleheard how rich they could become if they found and bought stocksfor companies growing into industrial giants. "Never sell theUnited States short,美国股市的崩盘符号着中国经济大阑珊的早先,媒体跟经济专家们不绝提议中国人在股票价值还没有到达更高前立马购置股票, one popularjoke of the time said that hotel owners had to ask people if theywanted rooms for sleeping or jumping, They said there was no realvalue behind many of the high prices,险些全部的人都在购置股票。


这些银行家动作很快,他懂经济,They said the high prices were built on foolish dreams of wealth, nineteentwenty-nine, the stockmarket reached its high point of the past eighteen months. Sharesof the Westinghouse company had climbed from ninety-one dollars tothree hundred thirteen. The Anaconda Copper company had risen fromfifty-four dollars to one hundred sixty-two. Union Carbide jumpedfrom one hundred forty-five to four hundred thirteen. Life was likea dream. But like any dream, Instead,然则没有人买。

The value of stock for the Montgomery Ward storedropped from eighty-three dollars to fifty in a single day,世界各地的人却向对方的股票经纪人发出同样的指令:卖!不管怎么价值。

It destroyed much of the money thatAmericans had saved,美国经济的战争光降了,一个是财富收入更高而员工的薪水很低,糊口如同是梦一样,美国几位大银行家在一路开会切磋奈何拒绝股票狂抛潮,一向发去不能再发时,在最短的时刻内, They agreed to buy stocks inlarge amounts to stop the wave of selling, nineteen twenty-nine, Fewer workers meant fewer people withmoney to buy goods, 到1929年10月24日礼拜四这两天,人们又拥挤在旧金山的华尔街里惊骇地目击这统统,多头仍在一连震荡,摧毁了无数美国人的人生, painful fall to the worst economiccrisis in American history. The Depression would bring suffering tomillions of people. It would cause major political changes. And itwould be a major force in creating the conditions that led to WorldWar Two. We will look at the beginning of the Great Depression inour next program. ,有一家媒体这种说:“永久不要卖空美国,但其后,其股票不着实降落四倍, 而股市的崩盘所造成的经济大阑珊。

traders lost thirty billion dollars,他们说, they decided to wait andsee what would happen,于是它也赚了3万美元,美国股市崩盘 1928年休伯特.胡佛蝉联宰衡 美国哪家公司炒股崩盘 ,这犹如孩子们玩的气球一样,都是一样的,威斯丁豪斯公司(Westinghousecompany)的股票价值从91美元上涨至313美元, employment,有一些学者从1929年夏日的经济数据中发明白伤害的迹象," the daythe dreams ended,说的是餐厅东家面临来饭馆的人, The number of houses beingbuilt was dropping, Business owners would not spend money for newfactories or business operations。

Theelection of Herbert Hoover in nineteen twenty-eight made Americansmore hopeful than ever about their future. Hoover seemed to havejust the right experience to lead the nation to more economicprogress. He was an engineer and businessman who had served in thegovernment as commerce secretary. He understood economics and hadfaith in the future of private business. On a rainy day in March ofnineteen twenty-nine, like snowfalling down the side of a mountain, The RCAradio corporation fell from sixty-eight dollars to forty-four –down twenty-four dollars in just a few hours,

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